New Stories.

Every new year, brings with it new beginnings and new stories. Each one of us hopes for changes that never occurred in the past year, and some amount of constancy too. The beginning of a year, thus, brings in a lot of new hopes. Hopes, that primarily revolve around finding happiness.

Here’s the challenge though. We tend to miss the happiness along the way because we’re too busy looking for it. There’s happiness to be found in the first rains of the monsoons, warm chocolate at the end of a tiring day, delicious food, tight hugs, colours, emotions and observing smiles. There’s happiness in bringing happiness to others.

New resolutions made, and new promises of trying to become a new person.
Changes will occur, but not all of it will be desirable. Funny part is, end of the year, you’ll probably find yourself happy and in the company of loved ones.

Mostly though, your year will consist of various stories. New chapters and new characters. There’ll be new people, new opportunities and some endings too. There’ll be stories spilling over from the previous year and others that’ll continue for longer. You’ll encounter plot twists, complications, adventure, dilemma Β and humour too. Not all chapters need to be equally interesting as then the charm will be lost. Try and let it remain a blend of happiness, sadness, the good and the bad. Dont get too engulfed in the negativity, as there is never anything gained in dwelling in the sad times. Rejoice in the happy ones. Make these stories worth remembering. Write the book of the year as one that’s worth remembering.

Here’s saying cheers to hopefully, what’ll be a great 2015!
A very Happy New Year.

One of my favourite pictures of 2014. Perfectly portrays the joy the sun and waves can bring! Clicked by my dad, Saikat Bhadra.
One of my favourite pictures of 2014. Perfectly portrays the joy the sun and waves can bring!
Clicked by my dad, Saikat Bhadra.

8 thoughts on “New Stories.

  1. Happiness….. In spending new year morning… Playing football and cricket!!!! πŸ˜€
    Happiness … calling out your name from below your balcony on new year morning ,with a certain Srinjoy Das ,and then going away grumbling ,saying “meye ta anek rat obdi kal furti korechhe …chhok korechhe …Ekhon r uthbe !!!!! “πŸ˜¨πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


  2. True words. Beautiful writing. And loved the picture. It truly portrays the joy, fun, happiness… πŸ™‚
    Wishing you a happy 2015. May you bring changes in others life.


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