My Choicest Sleuth.

Date- 13th February
Time- 8:00 pm.
Dear Diary,
Really excited. Tomorrow is the big day. My first valentines day with the special one. Just cannot decide on what to wear. *fingers crossed*

Date- 14th February
Time- 9:00 pm
Oh. My. Gosh. Something really terrible happened.
His best friend was murdered brutally in his bedroom. The day was a mess.

Date- 19th February
Time- 8:00 pm.
Well. I need to be practical. This is a very strange case. I mean, the clues lead to really nowhere. So, we are thinking of asking a detective for help.
After quite an amount of brainstorming, here are the shortlisted names: Holmes, Poirot, Fatty and Miss Marple.

I would probably eliminate Sherlock and Poirot because the case requires people not to know that there are detectives working on it. They would be obvious and easy to spot with their innumerable questions and demands. They are already too famous anyway, and thus I suggested my favourites Fatty and Miss. Marple for this case.

Fatty, or Frederick Algernon Trotteville from the Mystery series by Enid Blyton seems like a good option. He has solved around a score of mysteries thanks to his disguises and his penchant for ventriloquism.He can escape from a locked room and has solved mysteries leaving the local policeman Mr.Goon baffled many times. He has an admirable collection of disguises and stores a large collection of clothes, wigs, greasepaint, cheek-pads, false teeth and other items in his shed at the bottom of the garden. He is smart and can easily fool people with his wit and cleverness.  The only problem here is, he might be too young to take up a a case of a crime as serious as that of a murder.

But. But But.
Miss Marple, was always a personal favourite. Jane Marple is just another old, frail lady with her knitting kit, somebody who will never be suspected. She has white snowy hair, pale blue eyes, and a pinkish wrinkled face. Two of her hobbies (and subjects of conversation) are bird watching and gardening. She in no way looks like a detective, but as they say, looks can be very deceptive. For a woman who has spent her life in the small village of St Mary Mead, Miss Marple is surprisingly worldly. But as she often points out she has had every opportunity to observe human nature.

There is a great deal of wickedness in village life.”

Her powers of deduction occasionally hide behind her three chief joys in life: knitting, gardening and gossip. Criminals and murderers fail to realise that with every stitch she is not only making a cardigan, but solving a crime. She has to her credit, even crimes that were solved on the request of people who have already died, leaving behind just a few clues (Nemesis). She has even solved cases where quite mysteriously an advertisement was printed on a gazette that reads “A murder is announced and will take place on Friday October 29th, at Little Paddocks at 6.30pm.”

Miss Marple, played by Joan Hickson. Image Source-
Miss Marple, played by Joan Hickson.
Image Source-

She seems fit to take up the case of this murder, because her determination and doggedness. She is rarely discouraged and would never let anybody suspect her. She manages to deduce clues and come to conclusions without running around and fighting people. She is perfect for a case of this sort where she needs to remain incognito.
Most importantly, she never trusts anybody and swears by the lines:

Nothing is ever as it seems.”


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