Memories of R.D.Burman

Finally, the most awaited session of the day arrives.
This was the session I was most excited about. From “Chura Liya Hai” to “Ek ladki ko dekha” , he became a favourite right from when i was very young. He created perhaps, the best music of that era. Music, that transcends time and stays with you for long afterwards. He is a Legend, and will always remain so.

Usha Uthup, felicitating Ramesh Sippy.
Usha Uthup, felicitating Ramesh Sippy.

We had on stage the ever graceful Zeenat Aman, the melodious Usha Uthup and Ramesh Sippy. These are highly accomplished individuals who have had the privileged to work with R.D.Burman.

Ramesh Sippy said, the sholay background track remains as much as a favourite as the songs. He talked about the making of the iconic track “Mehbooba”, the magic behind “Shaan” and other songs. He was one composer, who lived music. It indeed was special to relive some of my favourite songs.
Zeenat said, it was always a pleasure to have worked in songs composed by him. It was never a pressure and she enjoyed it. Usha Uthup talked about how it was an honour for her to have sung “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”. She admits, there cannot be a good show without performing one of his compositions. Even today, youngsters sing his songs and try to recreate his magic, and thats how he remains relevant, always. And, there can never be another R.D.Burman.

The event also marked the launch of Usha Uthup’s album “Memories of R.D.Burman”.
And then, Usha Uthup, magnificently performed some of her own songs dedicated to R.D.Burman, which are a part of her new album! Her powerful voice echoed throughout the auditorium leaving everyone asking for more. She will always remain one of my favourite live performers, someone who can keep an audience engaged at all times.

And well, R.D.Burman is a legend. No matter how much I talk about him, it will never be enough.

“Churaliya hai tumne jo dil ko….”


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