The Kolkata Literature Festival!

I cannot possibly express how excited I am to be doing this. This is a post, I’m blogging live from the Kolkata Literature Festival being held at the Kolkata International Book Fair.

So the inaugration ceremony starts off with the general secretary of The Publishers and Bookseller’s Guild delivering his speech. He says that the readers are no longer satisfied with just reading books, and thus, they look for more. And that is where the reader-author interactions start.
This was followed by a delightful performance by Anindya Chaterjee of Chandrabindoo fame, where he performed one of his own compositions on the Book Fair itself. Shobhaa De spoke next, about the magic of Kolkata. From nolen gur-er sandesh, good food, music and the positive energy, she summarized what basically sums up the City of Joy. There were others present like Bani Basu etc.

Shobhaa De.
Shobhaa De.

On a very personal note, the Book Fair has been a part of my life for very long. From enjoying Ben Fish food and candy floss when I was a kid to hunting for books and appreciating the beauty of live paintings when I was a little older. Being present here at the Literature Meet makes it even more special.
The first session starts soon, and will have Upamanyu Chaterjee and Jawhar Sircar present.

The energy here is fabulous and we’ll have with us here Usha Uthup, Zeenat Aman and others in the course of the day. Stay tuned for more updates!

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