Weaving a Story!

At the session!
At the session!

The second session of the the Kolkata Literature Festival, has in conversation Sarah Rundle (a proffessional storyteller) and Bani Basu (an author), moderated by Richa Wahi.

If you like listening to or writing stories, you shal certainly enjoy this piece. This were some of the questions discussed at this particular session. Read on!

Does a story influence our lives?
Yes, stories aren’t just creations of imagination. often decisions are taken based on what a persons favourite character would do in the situation.
For me on a personal note, I do feel stories can influence your lives. Often you relate so much to a character or incident, that in a particular situation you automatically behave like that character.

Do stories seek you or you seek stories?
A bit of both. Certain stories, with their plot and twists, they capture you. and remain with you. Authors, pick out plots, from life itself. It is  a process of discovering characters and evolving them.

Culture and stories. How culture specific are stories?
stories are both universal and specific. stories often crop to be the same all the way from japan to London. Sarah, specifically talked about people being “nice” here, and how, they find her stories to often be cruel and violent. At the same time, people in the United Kingdom, would perhaps not find it to be violent. And that is how, cultures differ and their reception of stories differ.

What about telling the same story in a different way?
Each author has a different mindset, and thus, even while telling the most ordinary stories, they improvise a lot. No story is ever told the same way. Each time, there are improvisations and changes made and new inputs are put in. This is what make stories interesting. This is what makes each story different from another. Often changes are made to adapt to the evolving audience.

“A Great Story” from your life?
For this question, writing about it wouldn’t do justice to how beautifully Sarah depicted it. She told a story of a woodcutter, and made it sound like something just out of a book. With perfect voice modulation, dialogues, expression and humour, she kept us hooked.

For me, this was a very interesting session. To know what goes on in the minds of story tellers and authors, has always remained a mystery. Often after reading a book, I’ve thought “Oh my God! How did she ever think of something like that?!”. This session, sort of answered a few of those questions. A keen eye, a love to write and an imaginative mind is really perhaps all you need. The best part of this session, was perhaps Sarah’s story. She was absolutely brilliant!


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