Chasing the thrill.

Clicked by Srabasti Bhattacharjee.
Clicked by Srabasti Bhattacharjee.

“Writing doesn’t come with a cheque, it can only come with a dream and passion”

In this session, we had Ashok Banker in conversation with Ranjan Bandyopadhyay.
Ashok Banker is an internationally acclaimed and best selling contemporary author and screenwriter. His writing spans crime thrillers, essays, literary criticism, fiction and mythological retellings.
His books have very interesting names like “Blood Red Sari” and “Burnt Saffron Sky” and he says, the name plays a great role in the sale of the book. Even though he has written plenty of mythological stories, he doesn’t want to be classified as “divine”. He takes equal interest in writing mysteries and thriller.

He says, there aren’t too many writers writing thrillers in English in India and thus, he finds plenty of opportunities to find stories. In a culture where there are so many caste divisions, varied systems and traditions that the genre of crime fiction would find plots everywhere. It happens to currently be an “unchartered territory” and authors just need to search. Regional writers have written these stories but English writers just need to devour them and write more of thrillers. He has gone ahead and experimented with mythological characters and interpreted them in his own way. He has been extremely passionate about these ventures, and it is perhaps thats why that he did not face too many objections from the fundamentalists.

He deals with “unheard stories” and the voices of those who have been through crimes, but his perception of punishment is different.
He claims never to stick to one particular version of a epic or story, and thus, writes only of those that “obsess”. He reads all the available versions and only then. decides on his take.
Ashok Banker is a splendid speaker who speaks in an eloquent and poetic way and can really leave the audience mesmerized.

In conversation.
In conversation.

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