On Breaking Boundaries in Indian Fiction.

The second session had guests like Indrajit Hazra, Devdan Chaudhuri, Soumya Bhattacharya, Abhijnan Roychowdhury. All of them are young writers, three in English and one in Bengali.

In conversation.
In conversation.

They were going to talk about exploring the unknown in their writings and the challenges faced. Fiction happens to be my favourite genre and thus I was particularly excited for this one.
Indrajit Hazra says he initially started writing when he found there weren’t too many good books to read on his bookshelves. He has tried to write to bring new things to the forefront. He claims that he does not write to reflect society but writes to present something new to the readers.
Soumya has never wanted to call himself a novelist of one particular genre and he tries to write books, which he himself enjoys reading too.
Abhijnan writes books of many genres including ghost stories, young adult fiction and more. He started off with balancing technicalities and at the same time making characters that can appear to be another boy next door.
They try using new elements which people of the current time can relate to.  They try to be “schizophrenic” to do justice to their jobs as a journalist and as a novelist. They say, “boundaries” are sometimes necessary. For example, Devdan says that he can write well only during the night time and that acts like a good thing for him. They say experience and exposure help greatly in breaking “boundaries”. Deadlines too, sometimes prove to be helpful.
The session spoke at length about writers and novelists who have other jobs too.


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