The Written Words: Amit Chaudhuri and Adam Foulds.

In conversation.
In conversation.

The first session of the last day had in store Adam Foulds with Amit Chaudhuri. The session was moderated by Sujata Sen.
Adam Foulds is a British author who has been featured on the Granta list of 20 best young writers,
I was particularly excited about Amit Chaudhary, an Indian novelist who received the Sahitya Akademi Award in 2002. His writings are famous for reflecting a complex literary sensibility, and great theoretical mastery, along with a probing sense of detail. One my mom’s favourite books are “A Strange and Sublime Address” that talks about life in the old times of Calcutta, something she related to perfectly.
Adam says, thats it is necessary to look into the little details and write about it. Details form an essential part of his imagination and life. By reading about specifics of a character’s appearance, the readers get a clearer view of his nature.
When asked where he gets the idea of all the details, he says that he observes and remembers all the small things he comes across and sometimes he jots it down, storing it all up. He sees things “separately” and not all in one order.
Amit Chaudhuri too, is known as the master of details. He can take the most ordinary things and make them seem interesting. He talked of how the nineteenth century novels emphasized majorly on detailing. One of looking at “detail” is dismantling the idea that a character is at the center of a story. He says, as a writer, he feels, nowadays people focus more on the character than the setting and surroundings, which is incorrect. There might be a “hierarchy” but that isn’t always necessary.

They proceeded to reading a little from their own books which was a delight to listen to.

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