Happiness on the Streets!

When was the last time you gave up your coveted Sunday morning sleep and home made breakfast for something fun?

For me, it was this last Sunday, 22nd February, when I visited the “Happy Streets”. This was a brilliant initiative by the Times of India and was being held on Park Street, which can arguably be called the happiest zone in the heart of the city.

Roller Skating!
The bicycle stunts! Picture Courtesy- Indrajit Lahiri

I woke up grudgingly at around 6, after putting the alarm on snooze two times. Just managed to brush my teeth and get into whatever I found first in the closet. I really didn’t want to keep Srabasti di waiting. I got into the car, muttering to myself “this should really be worth all this effort”. And, it sure was.

Park Street, was closed from Camac St park crossing till Chowringhee from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM. The entire road, which is usually overcrowded with cars, was now beautifully decorated and wore a new carnival look. The usual loud honking was replaced by songs and guitar melodies. There was a band playing at one end, children roller skating all around, a group of cyclists performing stunts (which frankly left me awe struck) and many others gaily walking down one of the most iconic parts of the city. We took about three rounds of the entire place. There were zones marked out for activities like karate, yoga workshops, badminton, cricket and more. There was even a mini football arena, which remained crowded all through with people playing, as well as onlookers cheering them on. There was a little boy, who looked adorable while trying to learn roller skating but falling down often. He sat down, laughed and got back up on his feet to try again! Quite inspired from him, one of my brothers tried his hand (or rather, his feet) at it too. Well, he admitted two minutes into the skating shoes that this was indeed not as easy and fluid as it looks. There were elderly morning walkers, enjoying their morning walk in a different part of the city. There were some, who had bought their dogs out for a walk. (A particular Spitz I petted was undoubtedly my favourite.) There were karate at one end and a yoga session for all being conducted at another.

Karate. Picture Courtesy- Indrajit Lahiri
Picture Courtesy- Indrajit Lahiri

After a long time, I had such a splendid Sunday morning. Starting a day in a healthy manner, with a breath of fresh air was refreshing. There were happy faces all around. Kids and elders, all having a gala time in the area which can arguably be called one of the most happening parts of the city.

I had no complaints about giving up my Sunday sleep for this. And to top it all off, we had delicious breakfast at Au Bon Pain.

Do join in next Sunday, if you want to witness something you never have before. You wont be disappointed.

The pictures were clicked by Indrajit Lahiri. You can visit his blog here.


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