Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani- Lessons Learnt.

Meet Ananya Mukherjee. She’s a friend of mine from school, currently studying sociology in Presidency University. She is an extremely bubbly girl and also one of the most photogenic I know. One fine day, she messages me about writing about a movie, which holds a special place in probably all our hearts. I asked her to go ahead with writing it and this is what she came up with.

Seldom do we come across a thing which incorporates many memories, emotions and reaches a place which is beyond the realm of time or place. This ‘thing’, for me, is a movie. The name, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

Not-so-Ridiculous as it may sound, this movie will always be a special one for reasons more than one. On a summer night, you would probably not expect a non-writer to start writing but then…

So the first time I saw this movie, I remember coming out of the hall with my mother and telling her how wonderful Bunny was, how splendid the wedding was and how beautifully picturesque the trip was. I remember my mother smiling and saying, ‘Exactly what was so annoying, you know, it is not so beautiful’. You may call her a weird person (I did that as well that day).

Few months later when our batch stayed back in school and watched the movie at 1 in the night, saw the trip on screen and was reminded of their batch trip, many promised to go out on trips henceforth. We saw Bunny, fell in love with the idea of Bunny and promised each other that we would find our Bunny. We saw the extravagant wedding and made plans for our friend’s wedding, what we would wear and how we would dance. We saw how people loved and kept it to themselves and how some of them let it out and we all vouched that we had learnt what we had to. We saw the friendship taking its course and claimed that nothing could harm ours. We…

"You're not wrong, Naina, Just a little different from me"
“You’re not wrong, Naina, Just a little different from me” Source-

Some months later, ‘college’ happened and look, it’s been a year! We figured that trips never really happen and that differences crawl in when texts shift from ‘let’s meet and plan’ to ‘let’s plan and meet’. We figured that Bunny was a myth, and no! No one is perfect and we just learn to collect ourselves. No one really wants to see a ‘Bunny’ in the guy they like to look at, at the canteen, maybe. Weddings seems so far off, come on, ‘Career comes first, maybe?’. We  loved, faced heart breaks and when we thought it was all said and done, we were left to figure out that all is never really said and done. We saw the estrangement among friends and could do nothing but accept it. But no one really grew out of it, you see.

Maybe not a trip to Manali but a small little trip to a beer/cupcake/biryani shop happens at intervals. Bunny is sexy but ‘my guy is different’. And no, this is not crude comparison! Weddings are still attractive and jokes about how our best friends would get dressed still give us reasons to laugh. Thesedays, laughter fades into a smile. We know our friends don’t just call up or even leave a text but that “she-will-be-there’ feeling is still there!

This movie has given us every reason to smile and it’s strange how much a smile can hide. This movie will continue to remind us of that one special person whom we never had, it would make us dream for that amazing enviable life Bunny led, inspire us to call up up that old friend from school, it would make us remember all our fantasies related to weddings and most importantly it would tell us how difficult it is to let things out and how easy it is to deal with the ‘other’ and not the ‘self’.

The movie will continue to give us a feel good factor and then when it ends you would realize how much you lost while still struggling to smile. And on a lonely night, this movie will be your companion. It will give you all that you thought was no more and sing a lullaby for you.


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