A Magical Childhood.

Childhood is one of the most interesting and happy periods of one’s life.
While under the topic of “buddy parenting” I assume maximum entries would be from parents. I am, on the contrary, a nineteen-year-old, who isn’t a parent but has been blessed by two lovely parents and thus I thought I must share my thoughts.
My parents were never the strict ones who stopped me from going out with friends or doing something I wanted to. If they did, they would patiently explain the reason to me and there were never strict rules at home. What happened in turn, was that I enjoyed a lot of freedom but I learnt how lucky I was and thus never misused it. The same goes for my sister.
I did understand that my parents couldn’t relate to many things that we did at this age as it was different in their times, but they’d patiently sit and listen to the stories instead of imposing rules. Let me elaborate on a  few instances and fun times that I have spent with them.

Pillars of Support
Pillars of Support

My parents were cool enough to buy me a new dress when a went to a disco for the first time at the age of eighteen. I’m sure they never went at that age, but they were as excited as I was about it all. It was a fun process to teach my mother how to use her smartphone because she is practically technologically handicapped. She was so happy when I taught her how to instantly upload pictures from her smartphone which initially seemed like a huge task to her.
My childhood was great too. My dad taught me the basics of photography while mom instilled in me the love to travel.
I could honestly confide in her about my first date. My first drink was with my family. Similarly, I download all the cool applications on their phones. I make it a point to take them for movies and the new places to eat that come up in town.
Mom also sits down with me just to chat sometimes. We discuss things about her office as well as my college. It is through these, that I have always been extremely comfortable discussing everything with them. Whether it’s disturbing fights with friends or advice of some sort. Even my sister can come back home and freely talk about her day at school and her friend’s new crush. Mom and dad made it a point to never make any discussion too awkward.

In my personal opinion, this is a blessing really. Simply because there is nothing more comforting than knowing that I can return home and talk my heart out if there is a problem of some sort. At the end of the day, parents are the people who would unconditionally want the best from you. It’s always been wonderful to know that I never have to lie about where I am going or who I am going with. They’d never say no unless there was a reason. A happy home is a splendid thing.
At the end, it just adds to my happiness in life and makes me more mature. I know there are choices I can make sometimes and my parents would understand if I explained it to them. This is a bond I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

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