Jadavpur University

“Ei Jadobpurer gaaye, koto boyesh mishe jaaye.”

Jadavpur University is a place that grows on you. A place that teaches you so much and eventually makes you fall in love with it. A place that will hold a new surprise each day. A place, which is huge, and yet, each corner will hold one special memory, which will make you smile each time you walk past it. Whether it’s Moni da’s canteen and adda, or coffee at worldview, there are too many memories stashed away in each part of campus.

Jadavpur was a place, that I walked into, around a year back not knowing what to expect. You hear a lot about this place and not all of it is good. Yet, you’ll discover if you’ve studied here, that this place is simply special. And you cannot pass a judgement of “good” or “bad” about things and places that are special.

The Open Air Theatre in college, all done up for the fest. it looked lovely.
The Open Air Theatre in college, all done up for the fest. it looked lovely.

I remember walking into a class which was full of unfamiliar faces. Eventually, I discovered people I could pour my heart out to. Whether it’s Shivvi and her madness, or Vanshika and her overthinking and excitement, I started looking forward to each day. I had a fantastic professor who took classes really early in the morning, but I never missed a single one. Classes ended earlier, but I couldn’t return home too early. Milan da and the chicken fingers and then Moni da and tasty food, college became a fun place. I met a guy called Rahi, who held my bags if a wanted to dance and walked me to 8b each day just because I did not want to walk alone.

At the college Freshers' with my favourites!
At the college Freshers’ with my favourites!

I have to mention here, that my class has been a blessing. There are people of every kind and from different backgrounds and yet everyone fits in. The parties are insane (and cannot be written about here) and adda is always cherished. Each person has a different story and I have discovered so much and learned so much. I have had intense discussions with Rituraj on our way back in an auto. There is Somashree (I call her Tiya) who rushed to college very early one morning, way before classes started, just because she knew I was upset. There is Ushmayo (better known as Mayo) who I have spoken to so much over WhatsApp and yet not much up front. There’s Wilson and his guitar and Ridhhi, the responsible one, who always greets me with a hug. There is Krishnadev, who taught me how to play cards and Stayaki who is always up for all plans. There are Joshita and Dwai who are just wonderful. I cannot name everyone in this post, but you guys know who you are and you are special.

College peeps. Clicked on a picnic we went on, after the semester got over.
College peeps. Clicked on a picnic we went on after the semester got over.

It’ll be unfair to not mention my seniors. They made it a point we were comfortable right from the first day. I eventually became very close to some of them. I met two of them in the most awkward situations, and that’s how, college teaches you to deal with a lot. There is Souj to whom food spells happiness and Trisrota (always called Tota) who is caring and mature. There is Ashmita who I bonded with much later and she is a sweetheart. There’s also Josh, who was my go to person during the first few days of college. I went to him with tiny little problems and he patiently listened.

Yes, college is different. very different. I have also often discussed with my school friends about how complicated college is. I have learned how the definition of friendship can change and yet some people stick by. There are fights, which don’t get resolved too easily and ego plays a huge role. There are misunderstandings and other nasty stuff, but it’s all part of the deal, I guess.
Yet JU is a charm. It’s not just a college but a place. I have walked into worldview on certain days and found people playing amazing music. There was a guy playing the violin one day and believe me, I have never heard anybody play it better. There are couples having a quiet time or groups playing cards and chatting. On rain-drenched days, the college looks different and on the days of Sanskriti, it feels different.
The months of hokolorob taught me how much the atmosphere meant to me. On days that campus seemed desolate and empty, I understood how much the random smiling faces meant. How much the intellectual conversations and different styles of dressing added to the charm of the place.

I could go on and on about Jadavpur. There cannot be an end to it. I am writing this today, because perhaps when I pass out, I will feel different about this place.

As Dyuti di had once told me, this place becomes a habit.

Also, this is a very personal post with personal opinions. So you are free to disagree.


9 thoughts on “Jadavpur University

  1. You can get an university with better amenties but you will never get a better atmosphere. Jadavpur University gives you the best life possible! 🙂


  2. It reminded me of my JU days! I joined JU in July and my newest set of friends organised a birthday treat for me at Banzara, when they hardly knew me. That is probably the spirit of JU. Of absorbing everyone within its fold!


  3. This is a beautifully written post, Rupsha. And brought back so many memories. I entered JU seven years ago, and every phase brought a new JU to me. 🙂 It helped me grow up. The place honestly does force you to go beyond what you think is your limit. I am grateful to have been part of such an amazing place. Everyone has amazing memories and stories attached to the place. Stories we will never share on our blogs. 🙂 But those who were with you then, will stay with your forever. We (me and my friends from JU) have all passed out – but we are still very much in each others lives. The friendships you forge here almost always last forever. *knock on wood*
    But I am glad you’re enjoying your days in JU. Hold on to it for as long as you can.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aniesha di, I’m so glad you liked this post. Means a lot really. You’re so right. There are untold stories all around. I do hope I stay in touch with my friends too. So far, it’s been a great ride. 🙂


  4. 🙂 We are, or rather were, your neighbours ! I know what you mean when you say it’s special ….we too can feel it, so we never miss a chance to walk through JU, whenever we get a chance ! well written Rups !!

    ( p.s. – My comment doesn’t even take into account the things for which we pull your leg….adding them will increase the charm definitely!! 😛 )


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