A Celebration Of Kolkata

At the age of seventeen, most of us pass our time glued to the screens of our smartphones (much to the dismay of our parents). However, Mahima Varma, a student of The Loreto House, Middleton Row put this addiction to a very different purpose and shot a beautiful short film on Calcutta through the lens of her iPhone.

Mahima, talking about how she made her short film.
Mahima, talking about how she made her short film.

The short film called “Kolkata: My Heartbeat” was screened at the ITC Sonar Bangla Hotel on the 26th of September. The special screening of Mahima Varma’s film was under the banner of WelcomArt. WelcomArt is an initiative of ITC Hotels to promote the Arts and provide a platform to young and emerging talents The afternoon started with a performance of the Loreto House school band. this was followed by a discussion of what makes Kolkata so dear to us.

The band performance.
The band performance.

Then, the film was screened. It is a film that sought to capture the many facets of Kolkata through the mobile phone camera. From early morning “chai” to men doing their daily round of exercise near Rabindra Sarobar to the glitz and glamour of five-star hotels and Quest mall, this film captured it all. It also had the flooded streets during the monsoons and the trademark yellow taxis stuck in traffic jams. It successfully portrayed the cricket frenzy that hits the city during the IPL season. From jalebis and phuchkas to fancy decorative cakes, it also showed bits of the culinary delights that Calcutta has to offer. There was also a portrayal of the rich culture in the spheres of art, dance and music. The film also had various other clips which made me fall in love with the city all over again. The music, composed by Bickram Ghosh, was splendid and brought out the essence of the movie even better. Usha Uthup’s vocals ended the short film.

The screening of the film.
The screening of the film.

Indeed, Kolkata is a city of many shades. It offers so much and accepts each individual as they are. With a tremendous amount of warmth and a heart of its own, Kolkata will usually leave a visitor happy and asking for more.

All of seventeen years of age, Mahima captured the essence of the city beautifully. Here’s saying cheers to her creativity and the constant source of love, Kolkata.


I went to this event as a member of Kolkata Bloggers.
All pictures are clicked by Mr. Abhishek Chamaria.


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