Songs and Poetry – Apeejay Bangla Sahityo Utshob

At the last session of the Apeejay Bangla Sahityo Utshob, we witnessed a lovely discussion on modern day music and songs, and its relation with poetry.
With Tridib Chattopadhyay as the moderator and well-known musician Surojit Chatterjee as the speaker, it seemed to be the perfect end to the “festival”.

The member of the popular Bengali band “Bhoomi” spoke about how poetry need not be understood completely to be enjoyed. They need to be felt. Quite similar to music, I think. It isn’t always necessary to understand every lyric to understand a song. The tune and the melody, quite often steal our hearts.

A session on song and poetry would remain incomplete without a mention of Tagore, who in my opinion, composed the finest of them both. Imdadul Haq discussed that and more.
Modern day Bengali songs, have evolved over the ages to become what it is today. It has adapted to suit the preferences of the youth, and it is this transition that marks the true beauty of the language. Where it can evolve, change and still make people love it.

The session came to an end with a soulful rendition of “Kandey shudhu Mon keno kandey rey”: a Bengali modern classic. The day could not have ended on a better note.


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