The Joy of Spreading Love

Each year, the city decks up in its brightest hues and starry lights during the festive season. The city doesn’t sleep for more than just the four days. The pandals bewilder many with the amount of skill and expertise that the workers exhibit. The spectacular lighting, new clothes, never ending queues in front of eateries and dressing up is what comprises pujo for most of us. What always attracts me the most, is how happy everyone becomes during this time of the year. But is everyone really that happy?

There still exists a great number of people, for whom pujo doesn’t mean all of this. Pujo perhaps mean extra work to earn a few more bucks. In the midst of this, there are children, who deserve to enjoy childhood and pujo the way most people do, get left out. They deserve to see all the magnificent decorations and feel happy, just as we do.

In an incredible initiative by Vivel, ITC’s leading personal care brand, these kids will get to experience just that. Vivel Pujo Love is an initiative, that plans to take underprivileged children around town to witness the spectacle called Durga Pujo.
They’ll be taken around town, by Dev, a popular Bengali actor and brand ambassador of Vivel.

Kumortuli. .
Kumortuli. The kids here lead very ordinary lives and perhaps never get to witness what the idols’ new, decorated homes look like.

In my personal opinion, it is the children who can enjoy pujo in its most unadulterated form. It is only during childhood, that most of us live without a bag full of worries of pending work. So these, kids, who have usually always felt a deficit of love might finally, thanks to this campaign feel happy and joyous.

At home, dad and I always gifted new clothes to the sons and daughters of our domestic help and other women who did similar chores in the campus. I have personally witnessed how a small act of kindness leaves them so excited.

So this festive season, do your bit to make kids feel a part of the celebrations. Support this initiative by Vivel, so that more and more corporates take up similar initiatives to make the city a happier place. Support this, so that these kids and enjoy the rhythm of the dhaak and the joy of new clothes, just as we do every year.

If you too want to be a part of Vivel Pujo Love, click a selfie with a child on your phone and post it on the timeline of Vivel using the hashtag – #VivelPujoLove.

Spread love.
Spread happiness.

Have a memorable Pujo.


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