The Idea Of Being In Love

For the longest time now, I think I’m in love with the idea of being in love.

It’s an idea created through the fairy tales at first, then the romcoms and all the mushy songs. There is never any denying that I have always romanticised everything. Whether it’s the weather or a special conversation, there are some things that always try to enforce the idea of being in love.

So I thought of penning down a few thoughts about love that cross my mind often.

Yes, love is important. There will always be people who will deny it and the importance of it, but believe me, they are probably the people who crave for it the most. I recently read a fantastic book called the “The Palace of Illusions” by Chitra Devakaruni where the author wrote that a person will always crave most for what he has not received in his childhood. Somehow, I couldn’t agree more. So don’t trust people when they say love is a waste of time and energy. It never is.

People mess up. People change. I am probably the worst when it comes to letting go, but I have learnt that giving it time is the key. From holding on too tightly, there will definitely come a time when letting go won’t hurt as much as you imagine it will. Forgive. That’s extremely important.

I have also realised that it’s somehow more tempting to fall for men who seem dark and exciting. My friends have told me this a million times, but it’s the mystery about the “wrong” men that probably draws you to them. Believe me, a few drunken encounters and 3 a.m. conversations, you’ll know that every single person has a story to tell. You just need to give them the time and space. The “wrong” guys just know how to work the charm and present the story in ways that will get you excited. That is it.

Growing up, and particularly college will broaden your minds. I have learnt to never judge people. No matter what their choices in life are, there is always some reason behind them. Accept and understand.

Love is strange. Very strange. I always thought it was easy to put down labels on each relationship of mine. Best friend, acquaintance, crush or something else. I learnt, that there can also be relationships you cannot label. Those which you cannot put a tag on. People will probably not understand, and they don’t need to. You aren’t answerable to them. Let it remain undefined, as long as you are happy. These people will be very special and sometimes, not defining it is beautiful in its own way.

Everyone needs to experience heartbreak at least once. I think there’s much to learn from it. Pain is never bad. Crib about it, cry your heart out, stay indoors and curse the hormones. But if you never feel the sadness how will you ever know what happiness feels like? It is only after a heartbreak that you can fall in love again. The next time around, you’ll value things more. You’ll learn to trust again.

In a milder way, the above is true about fights too. Forgive and forget. You’ll somehow become closer to the person if both of you manage to do that. Letting go because of petty issues is not acceptable.

The idea of what you want from a guy will change over the years. From stupid criteria framed when you were 16 with the girlfriends, respect and kindness will come into the picture. Fall for a guy who never trivialises it, when you cry. Who isn’t ever too busy to ask you how your day was. Who will not crib if you want to dropped home on certain days. Who is proud of being with you and wants to be with you as much as you want to be with him. Who you’re comfortable with.

Lastly, I know this post is more of a rant, but I just needed to write it all down. There is no harm in being in love with the idea of being in love. It is painful, crazy and beautiful all at the same time, I tell you.

As the sky turned golden. Picture clicked by my father, Saikat Bhadra.

The Heritage Quiz – CREDAI Bengal’s Realty Expo 2015

The Heritage Quiz, an event conducted as a part of CREDAI Bengal’s Realty Expo 2015, was held on the 6th of November, in the Milan Mela grounds, where the Realty Expo was being held. I as a member of the audience and part of Kolkata Bloggers thoroughly enjoyed the quiz, hosted by none other than Mir Afsar Ali.

Mir. Photograph by CREDAI Bengal.
Photograph by CREDAI Bengal.

The quiz was broadly on the city of joy, Kolkata and touched upon all possible facets of the city including mishti, pujo, bus routes, iconic areas, personalities and more. The quiz saw participation from some of the most well-known faces of the city namely, Anindya Chatterjee and Upal Sengupta (of Chandrabindoo fame), Tathagata and Debleena Datta, Sidhu and Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, Rupankar Bagchi and Chaitali, Lopamudra Mitra and Joy Sarkar, Ritwick Chakraborty and Sohini Sengupta. All of those taking part are people who have made a mark in the areas of music, theatre and more in Kolkata and a quiz testing their knowledge of the city seemed quite interesting at the onset.

The Quiz in progress.
The Quiz in progress.

With a quizmaster like Mir, who is an acclaimed radio jockey, television anchor, comedian and more, the quiz promised to be an entertaining one and it lived up to all expectations.

There were 6 rounds in total.
Three rounds were the general question and answer, followed by audio and visual rounds and even rapid fires with buzzer rounds.

The quiz started with quick introductions, with quite a few jokes being cracked about Sidhu’s new hairstyle, who was expected to win, Joy Sarkar taking up too much time to finish his makeup and more. It set the mood for an evening filled with humour and very intriguing questions.

Round 1 started with the question ‘Whats special about the Ramlal Bazaar to Haltu bus route that crosses B.B.D.Bag and other points in the city?’. The question could not be answered by any, although the answer seemed quite simple after Mir revealed it – It the bus route number 1. There were questions about what “lalu bhulu” as a product refers to, which is commonly sold on local trains under this name. Correctly answered by Sidhu and Kamaleshwar, it refers to the pens which have two colours of ink in the same pen – red and blue. From the first transport strike in Calcutta, called by the palanquin bearers to Mahatma Gandhi being in Beliaghata on 15th August 1947 the round compiled questions from several different fields.

Round 2 touched upon topics like Durga puja, sweets, makers of the Bandel church and even dacoits.
One of them was ‘ Which Durga Pujo in Kolkata was formerly known as Company’s puja? ‘. The answer being the famous Sovabazaar Rajbari pujo, which, after the infamous Battle of Plassey was attended by Lord Clive and hence called “Company’s Pujo”. Another asked about the makers of the Bandel Church, which after many guesses by various teams was answered correctly – The Portuguese.

By this time, the audience area was brimming with people and everyone was majorly engrossed.

Photograph by CREDAI Bengal.
Photograph by CREDAI Bengal.

Round 3 was the audio round. Started with a lovely rendition of the famous song “Shohaag chaand bodoni dhoni” and the question being about which category of folk song or lok geeti this belongs to. The correct answer was “Dhamail” or the kind that is sung for brides in weddings. Doing justice to everyone, this round touched upon eminent personalities like Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Suchitra Sen, Uttam Kumar and more.

Round 4 was another one of the “dry rounds” as Mir called them and comprised of regular questions. One of the most interesting questions of this round was ‘In the B.B.D.Bag area, the pin code is 70001, but only one spot has a unique pin code of 700062. Which building is this?’ The correct answer was Raj Bhavan. Another one was, “India lost Eden’s first one-day match to which country?’ The correct answer being none other than Pakistan, although it was arrived at after quite a few guesses. Another one asked, “Who started the trend of summer vacations in schools and colleges of Bengal?”. Answered correctly by Tathagata and Debleena, the answer was Vidyasagar.

Round 5 was the very interesting audio-visual round. It had a picture of the Shyambazaar more before the iconic statue of the Bose on horseback was installed and it was answered correctly by the help of a famous medical shop located there. It had questions about illustrations on the cover of a Charlie Chaplin book, done by Satyajit Ray. It also had a clip of Sourav Ganguly’s first ever run scored in an international one-day match. From the scriptwriter of Madhumati to the name of the Chevrolet shown in the movie Ajantik, this round also encompassed various iconic aspects of the city.

After the fifth round, team Anindya and Upal were leading with 70 points, followed closely by Sidhu and Kamaleshwar with 60 points and then the rest.

To keep the audience thoroughly engaged and engrossed, Mir also had several questions just for the audience. There were questions about Feluda, Jagodhhatri Pujo and more. Needless to say, my favourite was “What’s the most iconic and famous item in Milan da’s canteen in Jadavpur University?”.

The final round was a buzzer round in the form of a rapid fire. This round had the easier lot of questions, but whoever pressed the buzzer first would get to answer it, making it a race against time. Contestants mixed up answers in the rush of the moment, and tension of having negative marking and excitement could be seen on all faces around. From Devdas’s surname to the very new Parama Flyover, these questions ranged from locations to mega serials and much more.

The end of this round saw a tie between the teams of Anindya and Upal and that of Kamaleshwar and Sidhu. The tie breaker, also in the form of a buzzer question, was a recording of a male voice singing, the man behind the voice being the question.
It was none other than Rabindranath Tagore, which was answered correctly by Anindya and Upal.

The winners, with Mr Sushil Mohta and Mr Nandu Belani. Photograph by CREDAI Bengal.
The winners, with Mr Sushil Mohta and Mr Nandu Belani.
Photograph by CREDAI Bengal.

With a befitting end to a wonderful quiz, the audience was left smiling and asking for more. With Mir’s unmatched wit and humour, coupled with intelligent questions, this was an enriching event.

An event like this also makes it more entertaining for most. As Mir said, in the Realty Expo, organised by CREDAI Bengal, with the leading companies changing the face of the city every single day, this quiz was an endeavour to indulge in nostalgia and have a look again at the City of Joy.

The Realty Expo organised by CREDAI Bengal is being held at the Milan Mela ground from 6th to 8th November 2015. It is a celebration of real estate, and its contribution to increasing societal standards in gradual steps. Do take a look at their website